Pimp your boxed wine

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A lot of fine wine is available as boxed wine, however the boxed shaped design or the design on the box itself does not always fit into every kitchen design and further the contents are too often judged before opened. To resolve these problems the Danish designer Jacob Brinch Nielsen from Fiduz® has come up with a wine dispenser in a smooth design. 

Design and function is combined into a beautiful and well functioning product. Wine served from this dispenser will draw the attention to the quality of the wine rather than the fact it is boxed wine. It’s Danish Design at its best.


The bowl can easily be moved from the table stand for refrigerator storage or easier serving round the table. With each dispenser comes a “Cold Pack” to keep the wine chilled while served.

As an additional function for the dispenser refill bags are available. Fill the refill bags with e.g. juice or lemonade and serve it from the dispenser.

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