By buying this solar-powered lamp you’re helping off grid communities all over the world

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The solar-powered Little Sun lamp by Artist Olafur Eliasson and Engineer Frederik Ottesen is a work of art that works in life. By buying Little Sun at full price in areas of the world with electricity, you help make it available for a lower price to communities with no or inconsistent electricity. The lamp aims to replace eco-unfriendly kerosene lamps in delveloping countries like Kenya and Ethiopia.


 It provides four hour of LED light and is good for 1,000 charges.  

The plastic frame’s flowery, hollow shape improves airflow, provides shade and increases surface area to help cool the lamp’s batteries while charging in direct sunlight.

Little Sun has a lifespan of 3 years before it needs a battery replacement and comes with a strap so you can carry it around your neck.



Price: €20/ $25.00/ £16.50

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